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Press Release

Ernst & Young LLP - Prospering in the era of 'healthcare everywhere'

05 November 2013 | Full Article

William A. Fera, MD is a principal in the Advisory Health Care practice of Ernst & Young. In this article he highlights major trends highlighted in EY's report, "Mobile technology poised to enable a new era in healthcare" Read more >>

Survey Suggests That Preventing Expensive Security Mishaps is Becoming a Major Investment Hot-Spot For Telco Operators

04 November 2013 | Full Article

Global spend on IT security is set to reach $30.1 billion by 2017 as companies invest heavily in their efforts to manage increasingly mobile corporate data. Investment priorities are changing, and according to research carried out by GDS International - organisers of the Next Generation Telecoms EU Summit – spending to support security in Europe is at a record 36%, up 15% on 2013. Read more >>

US and European Utilities Firms Agree Over Investment Priorities

08 October 2013 | Full Article

The global smart metering market is predicted to reach $19.8 billion by 2018. And according to research carried out at by GDS International, organisers of the Next Generation Utilities Summit, executives on both sides of the Atlantic are investing heavily in smart meters, security and infrastructure as they look to make the smart grid dream a reality. Read more >>

US CIOs Move Forward with Investing in the Social Customer, While Latin America Continues to Play Catch Up With Investments in IT Infrastructure

01 October 2013 | Full Article

Investment spend for CIOs in the US indicates an increasing focus on supporting technologies to induce business growth through the social customer, while Latin American counterparts maintain focus on operational investments to establish stronger infrastructural foundations, a recent survey of CIOs across the two markets has revealed. Read more >>

Asian CIOs make mobile investment a priority, according to survey

12 September 2013 | Full Article

88% of CIOs in the APAC region prioritised enterprise mobility spending in the last 12 months, according to a survey of top IT executives conducted as part of the upcoming CIO Asia Summit organised by GDS International. Read more >>

Enterprise Mobility a Top Investment Priority for European CIOs in 2013

10 September 2013 | Full Article

Results from a series of surveys conducted between 2012 and 2013 show an increase in the number of European CIOs viewing enterprise mobility as a top investment priority. Read more >>

An industry conversation with Daniel Scott, CMO, World Trade Jewellers

03 September 2013 | Full Article

In the build-up to the CMO Summit we sat down with Daniel Scott, CMO for World Trade Jewellers, a Diamond wholesale business based in NYC, to discuss the day-to-day challenges he faces in his role. Read more >>

Large companies increasing IT spend to support business growth

29 August 2013 | Full Article

CIOs with a budget of more than $300 million are investing proportionately more in technology to support growth than those with budgets of less than $25 million, according to a recent report by GDS International ( Read more >>

GDS International Invites Top-Level Delegation to Attend The Ninth CIO US Summit Taking Place in Miami This Year

19 July 2013 | Full Article

Miami, UNITED STATES – July 19th 2013: On the 23rd – 25th September 2013, an elite group of invite-only Chief Information Officers will meet at The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami for the annual GDS International CIO US Summit. Read more >>

This September GDS International Seeks to tackle critical Business Challenges at the Fifth CIO Asia Summit

16 July 2013 | Full Article

Hong Kong, CHINA – July 16th, 2013: On September 24th – 26th the luxurious SkyCity Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong, China will host the highly anticipated fifth CIO Asia Summit. Read more >>

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